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Don’t Be Late To The Influencer Marketing Party

As technology has progressed and the digital landscape has expanded, a robust slate of marketing channels has opened up for brands and agencies alike. A challenging dynamic is placing advertising in a social centric platform that prefers seeing updates from their college roommates over half-baked ads. Advertisers that excel are creating authentic and dynamic connections with consumers through an integrated approach to the complete marketing landscape. A major part of this strategy for many brands is influencer marketing. There’s no doubt about it, influencer marketing is decidedly two things: powerful and here to stay.


To understand influencer marketing, you need to understand who influencers are. Influencers are individuals who have built large followings on social media and video sharing platforms. They primarily do this by building a connection with users through the creation of exciting content and sharing their personality with fans. In doing this, they create genuine and trustworthy relationships with the people that interact with their content. Consumers today look to other consumers for advice and insight into products, and influencers strike the delicate balance between celebrity and everyman. There are several “buckets” of short-form or long-form content that influencers often create: fashion, beauty, sports, video games, humor, and vlogs (video blogs), to name some of the main verticals.


So, what is influencer marketing? Essentially, it is when brands form a relationship with reputable/popular/influential figures in the digital space. This can manifest in a variety of ways, including but not limited to: branded integrations, featuring products in influencer’s content, giveaways, discounts, co-created content and social media page takeovers. The key platforms for influencer marketing include Facebook, Instagram, Snapchat, Twitter and Youtube. The type of content – specifically creative and copy – is heavily influenced by the platform(s) chosen.


There are several important considerations when deciding which influencer marketing route to take. Influencers with large followings, high engagement numbers or high viewership are going to cost significantly more than those with less impressive numbers, regardless of the platform executed on. Recently, brands have found success in leveraging a larger network of smaller influencers. Rather than publishing one Instagram post to an influencer with millions of followers, a series of similar posts may be published to a multitude of smaller accounts. This technique allows brands to concentrate on particular demographics, reach a more engaged audience and leverage frequency. The true value of influencer marketing lies in guiding viewers by way of authenticity, curated quality content, storytelling and aligning a product with the audience of a particular influencer. These things matter significantly more than impressive surface-level statistics such as an account’s follower count or raw engagement numbers.


It’s crucial to select the right platform for your message. Different platforms are best for different goals, budgets and influencers. These are considerations that every brand must make when implementing an influencer marketing plan. Some brands choose to focus on one main platform but also distribute content on other platforms. Using platform-agnostic content (content that makes sense across different platforms) helps facilitate distribution and consistency. Once you have great creative, the only question left to ask is what kind of reach you want to achieve. Organic posts can often reach large numbers of people based on influencer followings alone. Brand also have the option to utilize paid posts, which boost the influencer posts out to a guaranteed number of viewers.


There are clearly many considerations, decisions and trade-offs to make with influencer marketing. The great plus-side of this fact is the flexibility, authenticity and trust that can be achieved in a well-executed campaign. In fact, 92% of consumers trust an influencer more than a typical advertisement or traditional celebrity. First, understand your customer. Then, collaborate with influencers and let their creativity and personal touch shine through. Influencer marketing is all about the content and fitting your brand into that content in a unique way.


If you’d like to learn more, or have a conversation about how influencer marketing can be leveraged for your business, shoot us a message anytime!




Your Weekly Industry Update

Happy Tuesday, everyone.

It’s time for this week’s Industry Update!


News over the past week was diverse, ranging from holiday marketing insight to the now infamous “Bone Zone.” Grab a cup of coffee and dive in.


1. The holiday season presents massive opportunity for businesses and marketers to connect with consumers. A major component of that equation is inevitably social media. These ten tips from Marketing Land are sure to help drive an effective Q4 social strategy.


2. CMOs from several top corporations are attending the annual Masters of Marketing Conference this week. One of the main points of conversation will be digital video metrics. Nearly every digital platform uses its own set of metrics, and CMOs would like to see a common measurement standard – much like the Media Rating Council does with major media.


3. Are you thinking about leveraging Linkedin ads for your B2B efforts? Make sure to read this interview about all things LinkedIn advertising; it’s filled with valuable insights.


4. Did you watch the presidential debate last week? Even if you didn’t, you likely heard about Ken Bone. He appeared on television at the debate and captured the heart of many Americans on social media. Uber seized the momentum, featuring Bone in an ad for uberSELECT, a new high-end service. Great example of timely social media marketing by Uber, even if it may have gone against FTC regulations for lacking the #ad hashtag.


5. DDB New York created an animated film titled “Dream,” for the Wildlife Conservation Film Festival. The short film follows four endangered species of animals as they sing “I Dreamed a Dream” and as it progresses, the story gets darker. The short is entertaining, moving and impactful. Excellent storytelling with an even more potent message.


As always, please feel free to reach out to us to learn more, dive deeper or even have a conversation about your brand.




Find something to #Celebrate

As marketers, we love to plan. As fun-loving people, we love to celebrate…everything. And we all certainly love a good cause. Now, what happens when you combine all of our favorite things? This handy-dandy “unofficial” holiday calendar is what!


We’ve pulled together a list of holidays and fun things to celebrate along with some great causes for awareness and put them all in one place to help you with your social media planning each month. Stop by our blog on the 15th of every month to download the next month’s calendar of celebrations and causes. As you begin, here are a few things to keep in mind:


– Nearly every day calls for a celebration, but that doesn’t mean you need to celebrate. Focus on the holidays that will resonate with your audience and fit with your brand and mission.


– Most of the national days are just for fun but some of them have a bigger calling, they bring awareness to a cause that is near and dear to many. A great opportunity for you to be a part of something powerful and meaningful.


– Find your own way to celebrate. Is it a cute graphic for all to share? Is it a fun fact? Does it call for a team outing that you document across your social media channels? Do you cross-promote with another organization you want to support?


– Research before posting your celebration. Actual holidays may coincide with your “unofficial” holiday. Or something may be happening in the world currently that may make your fun celebration not appropriate at the time.


– Calendars fluctuate and there may be discrepancies on the exact dates for celebrations. I’m pretty sure we may have celebrated national ice cream day or national puppy day more than two (or five) times this year. But I’m not complaining. 



Download Calendar PDF

Download List PDF



We hope this calendar will help you in planning for November or at the very least provided a chuckle or two. Stop by our blog on November 15th to download your December calendar. And if you need ideas on how to promote these special days or a fun graphic to share with your audience, give us a call!





Your Weekly Industry Update



This week had no shortage of news in the technology and advertising spaces, with changes quickly coming to market before the holidays and new year. Here we go with this week’s roundup of industry news, trends and stories.


1. The NBA’s Detroit Pistons have set the figurative bar among sports teams with their email marketing efforts. The team has used email marketing to help build relationships with their fan base, using data to guide their efforts and introducing innovative concepts such as their Interactive “Gameday Guide.” The use of interactive assets has, among other results, lifted mobile engagement by 49%.


2. The absurd, crazy and weird advertising is here to stay. While commercials like those from Old Spice often seem to be simply “out there,” they are in fact the result of calculated decision-making and creative ideas. Read up on the forces influencing this technique & some of the different things brands are doing with this Mashable article.


3. Entrepreneur released an excellent list of 50 ways to drive traffic to your website. Some of these can improve your efforts in 5 minutes, while other techniques will be most effective with the help of a professional agency.


4. Snapchat, now of parent company Snap Inc., introduced new changes last week. Users can now create playlists of their friends’ stories, watching the content in whatever order they desire. Snapchat also introduced post-roll advertising inventory, in which ads will run after watching a story.


5. Whether you run social media channels for a small company or a large company, this helpful list runs down some of the essential things to consider with your social media strategy.


If you or your colleagues are interested in having a deeper conversation about any of the changing dynamics in advertising,

or simply want more information, please feel free to contact us!




See Ohio First

In early 2015, we were approached by Ohio Humanities to bring a one-of-a-kind interactive website to life. Their primary goal was to create an experience that encouraged and increased cultural tourism throughout the state. We’re talking a custom, highly interactive website with a searchable database, curated driving tours and multi-media features packaged to be visually appealing and functional for travelers.


Unfortunately, while this project was a brilliant idea, Ohio Humanities was faced with the reality of a limited budget and resources and couldn’t take on such an immense undertaking without help. So Ohio Humanities hired us to help them design a sample site so they could go after the Digital Projects for the Public: Prototyping Grant provided by the National Endowment for the Humanities.


This $100,000 grant program is incredibly sought after, and not just by humanities and historical groups. Countless academic institutions from across the nation apply for this grant every single year, year after year – making it unbelievably competitive.


We collaborated with Ohio Humanities staff, developers, database experts and scholars to design a series of desktop and mobile sample pages for the site to submit with the grant application. Even though the site wasn’t actually going into production, it was vital to consider every feature in the design and how that would scale with an infinite amount of possible content. Rounds of feedback, new ideas, adjustments and retouching over the course of three months resulted in a product for which we were all incredibly passionate, and proud, and one ready for submission.


Fast forward to December of 2015 when we received an email from Pat Williamsen, the Executive Director of Ohio Humanities …


“Late this morning, the NEH Division of Public Programs called to inform us that our proposal submitted to its Digital Projects

for the Public initiative has been awarded full funding.”


This is where you can cue the collective jaw-drop, and giddy jumping up and down in our office. Pat went on to write…


“Our NEH program officer cited the intellectual depth of our proposal, the sophisticated design document, and the impressive range of our planning partners. He further stated that Ohio Humanities is the first state council to win a digital grant from NEH and that…















What started as a big idea, paired with the right partners, along with energy and passion for the concept resulted in highly sought-after national backing to create a fully-functional cultural heritage tourism resource – the first of its kind.


As we start to gear up, one year later, to continue work on this first-of-its-kind website, we wanted to take the time to give a shout out to the big dreamers at the Ohio Humanities who selected us to be a partner in this incredible project!




Your Weekly Industry Update



Starting today, we’re doing something new. The team at Peebles Creative Group will be putting together a weekly update on the latest & greatest developments in the advertising industry, from us to you each week. In these weekly updates, posted to our blog, you will find a mix of practical information, insights, awesome things that different brands are doing, and stories that we think are really exciting. So, grab your morning cup of coffee and read up!


1. Under Armour released a game on Snapchat last week that encouraged users to run as Cam Newton, avoiding obstacles such as trees and wolves. Users relied on their fingers to control speed and actions. The key message here? An innovative way for Under Armour to connect with the high school and college athlete target market, while simultaneously speaking to the power of footwork and the Under Armour product itself.


2. Twitter changed things up big-time last week by increasing the length of tweets! The character limit is still 140 characters, however media such as links, photos, and GIFs no longer count towards that limit. This opens up more room within tweets for brands to drive home messages utilizing the extra character limit, share additional media and use more strategically relevant hashtags.


3. Check out this awesome TV spot by Audi. The commercial was released on the day of the first Presidential Debate and is titled, “Choose the Next Driver Wisely.” The 90 second commercial is loaded with political and cultural references, and all plays out in reverse-motion. Super entertaining, effective, and incredibly timely given the release date on the day of the first debate.


4. Facebook announced that four million businesses now actively advertise on the platform. Beyond the immediate “gasp” at the sheer number of advertisers now on Facebook, there are a few key takeaways to note. First, ⅘ of Facebook ad revenue is now served on mobile devices or tablets. This is a huge number that really speaks to the way that consumers today are interacting with brands and friends alike. Perhaps even more interesting, 40% of Facebook’s advertisers have actually created advertisements on mobile devices. The mobile, on-the-go revolution is in full swing.  


5. Twitter is now letting advertisers target based on whether they want people to simply visit their website or complete an intended action. According to Twitter, this conversion-only objective achieved 2.5x better results than the previous method.

The company has also officially rolled out its “Moments” feature to all users, allowing individuals to create stories of their favorite tweets and content. Moments often include things like weddings, award shows, sporting events and the like. New functionality for Twitter as it strives to maintain relevance among the social media giants.


6. Perhaps the most attention-grabbing bit of news from the week is that five of the largest digital companies in the world have banded together to form an organization centered around Artificial Intelligence. Google, Facebook, Amazon, IBM and Microsoft intend to use their collective expertise to, “…promote public understanding of Artificial Intelligence while developing standards and best practices for researchers to abide by.” The prevalence of services like Siri and Chatbots ensures that Artificial Intelligence is going to play a significant role in technology & marketing moving forward.


In our opinion, there’s never been a more exciting time to advertise in part because of the multitude of ways to reach consumers in an engaging fashion. On top of that, tech is developing at a rapid rate creating exciting new opportunities and ways to interact with one another.


Overwhelmed by the seemingly constant change in the digital marketing landscape? Check out our recent blog on how to allocate your 2017 Marketing Budget for a helpful breakdown!