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Welcome, Libby!

Peebles Creative Group is excited to announce our newest Rock Star Team Member, Libby Montgomery. Libby has been hired as a project manager and will serve as a main client contact for a variety of our amazing clients. We already know Libby is going to handle accounts with great care, contagious enthusiasm and expert marketing smarts. Get to know Libby by reading on…we’ve highlighted her work history and some of her favorite things. Please join us in welcoming Libby Montgomery to Peebles Creative Group.


PCG Team Member pictures-Libby


Libby’s path to PCG…

In college at Ohio State, I had the privilege of being a student ambassador – speaking on behalf of the University to prospective students and their parents. While marketing and  communication wasn’t what I was initially there to study, I grew to love the art of communication and marketing strategy through that role. As a Marketing and Event Coordinator for the Refectory Restaurant & Bistro, I had the opportunity to grow my passion and their brand. I later started with the City of Dublin where, for five years, I managed projects for their Marketing, Media & Sponsorship initiatives for the Dublin Irish Festival. At the City of Dublin, I was incredibly fortunate to have a wonderful mentor who empowered me and showed me how to foster relationships with local businesses and residents. She helped me to realize that relationships are imperative to success in business – I have been in the fortunate position to learn from the best and work with a variety of clients on brand activation.


Libby’s Favs…


Word: Fiddlesticks.


Food: Donuts. Specifically, cake Donuts from Honey Dip Donuts.


Commercial: This is a tough one. I am always a fan of a commercial that can make me laugh. But, the ones that really stick for me are ones that don’t advertise a product as much as elicit an emotional response on behalf of a brand. I tend to geek out on commercials and ads, so my favorites are constantly changing, but as of late it is probably tied between this one from Google and this one from AirWick.


Movie: I really wish it was something cooler… But likely Pride & Prejudice – the Keira Knightly version. I also really enjoy law-related dramas like Erin Brockovich, and The Lincoln Lawyer. If its a super sad, or animal-dies-at-the-end movieish – I’m out.


Exercise: I prefer the be-fit-without-trying-and-eat-donuts approach… but it doesn’t seem to get the results I desire… so probably Jillian Michael’s workouts. I can “do them” in my living room, they’re only thirty minutes, and she kicks my butt….every time.


App: In all honesty, it would have to be the PBS Kids app. It provides instant distraction for my kids in a pinch and has saved me countless meltdowns. But if I had to pick an adult app, it would probably be the RetailMeNot app – all of the current coupons, online and in-store versions, right at your fingertips. I. Love. Deals.


Dessert: Do donuts count? Just kidding… Mostly. I would have to say Crème Brulee from The Refectory. I have never tasted a version that tops Chef Richard’s recipe.


Holiday: The 4th of July. It’s a low expectation holiday that always exceeds mine. It’s relaxing and involves lots of friends and family and brings people together from all around for one common celebration. Thanksgiving would be a close second, though…


Most looking forward to at PCG:


Working with great people who are passionate about their work – sounds simple enough, but that can be difficult to find. PCG’s reputation for being great proceeds them. Whenever I mentioned to anyone that I was inquiring about this position, I was amazed by how many people said, “Peebles! I know them – they’re a great group!” I could tell from their website, to their clients, to first introductions that these are talented people who want to do good work and help people grow their businesses. Who wouldn’t want to be a part of that!? I feel incredibly blessed to be a new member of this special team.



DG website blog image#D9D12

A Grand New Website

DG website on deskt#12B05C6In 2015, Destination Grandview came to us for a brand refresh. They wanted their brand to reflect the cool, hip, and vibrant feeling that Grandview Heights is known for. The largest step in refreshing the brand was to reenergize their website. As the area’s CVB, Destination Grandview wanted their site to capture the spirit of the area, made up of delicious local dining spots, unique shopping and expanding hotel options. The site needed to appeal to leisure visitors, business travelers, event and meeting organizers and group tours looking for a destination near downtown Columbus.


We walked the CVB’s executive director and marketing committee through every step of the website rebuilding process from critical early informational-gathering sessions to testing and CMS training during the beta version of the site. One distinguishing part of this website is the decision to lead with curated content for unique experiences found in Grandview instead of a traditional business directory. The tailored experiences tap into some of the main themes seen throughout Grandview.



The concentration of brewers, both coffee and beer, provided a natural fit for experiences aptly named Hop Heads and Coffee Craze. Experiences for foodies, sports fans and Girls Night rounded out five custom experiences that provide visitors an opportunity to conceptualize what a day or night in Grandview could include. Additionally an event listing provides a look into the local community and enriches the Grandview experience. Even though the custom experiences outlined first on the website give visitors a great itinerary to try, we still wanted to include a comprehensive business directory to highlight even more favorite stops, as well as those off the beaten path. It was also important to emphasize the convenience of the Hyatt Place within close proximity to all of what Grandview and downtown Columbus have to offer.


We visually brought the brand to life within the website’s custom design with bold blocks of color, interesting typography, original photography from a new photo shoot, and user-generated imagery from social media. All of these elements come together in a unique, colorful, visitor-friendly website that highlights Grandview’s great vibe.


Check it out here


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Excellence in Economic Development

Grow Licking County CIC has been driving economic development success in Licking County since 2012. The organization recently received a very well-deserved marketing award‹ Excellence in Economic Development Marketing in the large community category from the Ohio Economic Development Association (OEDA).


The honor was received for an eight-page publication Grow Licking County directed and Peebles Creative Group designed. The publication showcased Licking County to the greater Central Ohio region when it was inserted into Columbus Business First.

CIC Work-2


We have been honored to partner with Grow Licking County since 2012 when we originally created its foundational branding. The team at Grow Licking County works daily to simplify success for Licking County businesses and we’re proud to be their strategy and creative partner to help bring more opportunities to this thriving county.


Read more about the award and what Licking County offers businesses and residents.



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Marketing to Teens 101

With new technology, apps, and constantly changing trends, reaching teens is a real challenge in the marketing and advertising world. Even though most teenagers can be spotted on their phone or watching television, they are still one of the most difficult groups to advertise to. As a teen intern at Peebles Creative Group, I am much more aware of the motives behind advertisements and feel that reaching out to teens may be more simple than you think.


Before I had a general understanding of how the business world worked, I rarely paid attention to ads or didn’t care for them at all. Now, I understand the importance of them and even try to critique them. I think a main reason advertising to teens is so difficult is because ads just aren’t appealing to them. I think that it would be much more effective if a business were to just make their ad “prettier” by using fun colors and images to stand out. Honestly, one of the most important things I look for in an ad is if it is simply appealing to my eye. Along with this, try to use images of products that would most appeal to them such as materials like clothes, shoes, food, games, beauty products, or anything for a cheap price.


According to statistics, teenagers are the biggest buying segment of recorded music. From cassettes to CD’s to song downloads, music is the best way to reach them. Apps like Spotify and Pandora are probably the most popular app shared among teens, therefore playing ads there would definitely get their attention. On top of that, social media also plays a huge role in the average teenager’s life. Apps like Snapchat, Twitter, Instagram, Vine, and Tumblr are very popular today and teens will be more likely to view an ad on these sites rather than email, billboard, and magazines. For businesses, it is very important to try to stay one step ahead when thinking about putting your ad on these sites. Trends are always changing and fast so it is key to work fast in order to have it seen at the right place at the right time. In order to help them remember your ad, you might find results in triggering their emotions. One example of a successful emotional advertisement was the 2015 Stride gum commercial. The commercial journeyed through the lives of two people who fell in love while tying Stride gum into it. On Twitter, I saw countless tweets saying something like, “I can’t believe this gum commercial made me cry”. And these tweets were shared thousands of times because everyone shared a common identity of being emotional.


Also, teens don’t have a lot of money so they will be more attracted to cheap or affordable things or sales. Their money is usually spent on clothes, good looks, entertainment, food, etc. so whatever way your business can appeal to these aspects would be very beneficial. If you’re ever stuck on advertising to teenagers, just remember what it was like when you were one and what appealed most to you. To conclude, advertising to teenagers is often times quite simply easier than you think, just think through these tactics, be in the right place at the right time and really examine the creative you are serving up to this audience.



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A Teenager in the Treehouse

Hi, I’m Monica a senior at Dublin High School and a student in the Dublin Young Professionals Academy (YPA). As a YPA student, we choose two local businesses during our senior year where we intern to get a realistic view of a career we’re considering. My first day at this internship the only thing I knew about marketing and advertising was that it is the part of a business working to sell things to people. I am extremely thankful that through my six weeks interning at Peebles Creative Group, I can say that I now have a very good understanding of this career field and find it even more enticing. I am proud to say that I have learned something new everyday that I have been at Peebles Creative Group.


One of my favorite things about this internship is the environment. Everyone here is so very friendly and helpful and has really made me feel welcome. I have learned that this company is very close-knit and I have really been able to see how well they can come together to get a job done. What makes this business flow so well is that everyone here can work together in a smooth way through using their diverse skills to make an amazing project, all while having a good time. I also learned how important it is to keep good relationships with everyone in order to keep up with the high energy and enthusiasm required for this field.

Monica Peebles


At the beginning, I had absolutely no idea how a business like this functioned. Now, I can easily tell someone that this company functions as two parts. One part being the creative side, while the other side focuses on management and client relations. I am very grateful for this opportunity to see what the business-marketing world is like. My mentors, Laura Calhoon and Amy Bethel, have given me such an amazing experience and continue to educate me more each day about this industry. I was very lucky to have been able to listen in on business calls, learn about advertisement campaigns, join staff meetings, proofread projects, help create social media posts, and so much more. Being here, I have learned that this is a very fast paced job with new surprises each and every day. I feel that I can see myself doing something like this in my future because I really enjoy the excitement, creativity, and pace of this job. Peebles Creative Group has kindly provided me with such an amazing opportunity and I really enjoy and appreciate what this business does.



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A few new faces

Our clients rock…it’s their people, products, services, ideas and ideals that we work passionately for everyday. It’s an honor to help more of you, know more about them.


We’re so thankful for the clients who have worked with us for well over a decade…but we’re always excited to add new clients to our already amazing client list.


Peebles Creative Group welcomes:


New Client Logos4New Client Logos3New Client Logos2

New Client Logos